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Yes! Attending Reunion
Residing In: Venice, FL USA
Spouse/Partner: widowed
Homepage: someday Pix are L to R me Now
wife and I after yr.of marriage
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Occupation: only a preoccupation
Children: Officially none.
Military Service: I would not serve unless WWII

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School Story:

When Mclaren went wild and started knocking my chair with his fist. I had said" if Communism is so bad why do we have to listen to these propaganda tapes. The tape always began '' communism is like a man wheezing and gasping for his last breath of air" He said as he beat my chair barely missing my head, my arms stuck under the desk top, I was a punching bag, the chair rocking across the floor ''THERE IS NO BEING OBJECTIVE WHEN IT COMES TO COMMUNISM''" I still remembered the day when Sommers barricaded himself in a portible afraid the commies were going to get him. did Mclaren have a shotgun too? Was he ready to blow, had I pushed him too far? I had. I was in a gifted course that automatically gave you an A. Everyone watched with amusement while Leslie Grove broke out in red blotches as she did her oral presentation. They seemed to move with the ebb and flow of her voice. Grigsby would have been next but we had drawn lots my number was not up and we only had time for one more. He breaks the rules and ask me. Unlike now I hated public speaking but I could have done it. I merely said mildly " sorry it's not my turn" The fu*king effete jerk gave me a C. I asked him why at the after graduation party he had at his house. I would have done it if I knew the unfair consequences. He gave that neurotic superior look where he blinks and wiggles his nose simultaneously and turned away from me.

If you could build a second house anywhere, where would it be?

I would never want to build a House.

How often do you get back to Venice?

Trapped here temporarily while my wife, Deborah Suzanne Leslie, died a slow agonizing death from Lupus. People would look at us unsure who was dying. It took everything out of me. Watching her 6' frame be reduced to 5' 2". and her once 2' long curly brown hair be reduced to large bald patches was too much to handle. I had practiced taking care of dying patient that I worked with and was once offered a job in Colorado Springs training Hospice personel in Existential Therapies. Nothing could really prepare me for the death of someone so close and so brilliant and so beautiful. She worked for Paul Newman making motion pictures, her name was in the credits of a major motion picture. She had a scholarship to Eckerd College for 12 years of piano and a masters in film from FSU. We only met a couple of times before we married. Our eyes met, we were both stricken as if having been bit by a viper and 30 years were gone in an instant. I wound up in an inherited home by myself back in Venice. After cancer treatment and a huge blood clot I got out of Venice hospital in time to see her last week at hospice. 'If you are still alive your job on earth is not finished yet' ibid Illusions. I am still alive, a little cracked, and working on figuring it all out.

Favorite vacation spot?


Are you interested in attending mini-reunions? If so, how often?


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Brian Grigsby has a birthday today.
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Brian Grigsby has a birthday today.
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It's Leslie! Have you ever found a home!

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If you can not surround yourself with women try cats.

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